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The Isuien Garden is situated in an area between the Todai-ji temple famous for a colossal Buddha image and the Kofuku-ji temple. Yet, the garden is so quiet that you feel that the garden is secluded from the outside world. The garden is of a traditional Japanese style, modelled after the natural Japanese landscape of hills and streams, and featured by paths along ponds and springs where you enjoy strolling. The garden maintains the Japanese culture of cherishing the beautiful four seasons.

You can also appreciate the difference in tastes of the Edo (Tokugawa) Period and the Meiji Era because the garden consists of two parts designed in the two different time periods.

Also in the garden is a small art museum where excellent collection of early East Asian art is displayed. You can appreciate a sense of the depth in East Asian culture.

Isuien, japanese garden in Nara.

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